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So I have a different journal?
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Why yes, I do!

(My Tumblr thingy majigy!)

This blog isn't really a blog... all I've been doing is re-blogging pictures I love and posting ones I like. Screw Blogspot, I enjoy this much better!

Also, every day I take a picture that describes the day. (Or I hope to anyway). It's like a documentation of what's gonna be a tough year >.<

So if you enjoy looking at funny pictures, nice pictures or even MY pictures (which will not be of me ... most likely anyway), take a look!

Alice Nine - Daybreak, yeah I listened to it.
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I put off watching this cos I thought I'd be disappointed but I'm actually surprised! I really like it!

Writer's Block: Star Trek
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If you could visit anywhere in the solar system, where would it be?
In the solar system...... not much choice there LOL
At first I thought I would go to the furthest away point to look at other solar systems so that I could see everything before us. I know you can't do that even at far away places, so I thought that if I 'could' go to the centre of the sun, I would. Because from there I would be at the centre of everything for sure, right? That way I could see everything we already have.

God, actually I just wanna be in space right now.

My winter holidays~
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Oh maaaaaan I had a fun/strange/amazing time.
I've fulfilled life dreams! Sometimes bad, sometimes GREAT, but hey, I did them!
This might need to be behind a cut... if it works.
If not then enjoy my beautiful phone-captured pictures~


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Livejournal you inconvenient thing you
Waaaa Livejournal posts are becoming very rare now! I'm doing my best to hold this up cos I might get more into it one day xD
But if the site is as crap as it usually is.... I dunno xD

Anyways, I've been super busy especially with classes. Something weird happens pretty much every day LOL so god knows what I'd talk about here...
But the end of the year is gonna be VERY awesome.
First of all, I'm going to see Kanjani8 tomorrow! At Nagoya dome! I'm so excited.
I don't think I'll be buying anything there for myself because I need the money, but just being there is amazingly lucky for me because the fanclub application screwed up badly. A friend sold me a ticket of hers so I can go with her <3

I need to save my money because my friends are coming to stay with me from tomorrow until the 29th, when we will go to Tokyo until the 2nd January! So goddamn excited...

More so than Christmas, which means nothing to me right now LOL

I went on a bit of a Kanjani8 tracking spree whenever I was out. It's so awesome to see their CD hooked up in HMV, and also I can show them to my friends (whether they like their music or not. Normally they don't but oh well). I've been a bit down recently because I'm in a class that's way above my level of Japanese and it made me shy and stressed, so new Kanjani8 music, these silly little displays and the idea of going to see them soon became my motivation for a while LOL so sad...

Nagoya's a little Christmasy right now. I would have better pictures but I don't go into the city as much anymore AND I suspect my camera is broken. Maybe dropped it on the floor one too many times...

This week, people who arrived in NUFS in March have gone home. It's really sad because I got on with so many of them so well, but I guess more people will arrive soon and it will be interesting to meet people from different places again. I think it's great here because Nagoya seems pretty diverse in comparison to other places in Japan so I've met a great variety of people.

Anyway I should continue to clean. I should use this thing more lol

Things I bought that I find blog-worthy
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So I thought I'd talk about things I got and did here.... today I'm ill and stuff and it upsets me :( but friends made me feel better so all is good

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Festival! <3
I think I'll be going to a lot of these hahaha
Anyway, the first Matsuri in the area was this one. I forgot the name already hahaha I think was was Yumei something.... something about dreams anyway.

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Scenes from Nagoya city~
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Gokayama and Shirakawa-go
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So these are some pictures from a trip we went on to Gifu-ken. I wish we could have spent more time there because the trip was ridiculously rushed and we hardly got to see anything (

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